Thursday, November 27 2014

FDA Info


Courtney Bed, Inc is an FDA-registered medical device manufacturer and was issued Owner Operator # 9094673 and Establishment Registration # 3006015254 in December 2006.

We are listed in the FDA's medical devices database.


The Food and Drug Administration has accepted the Courtney Bed as a Class 1 manual hospital bed. The Courtney Bed is built for children who might need a safe sleeping environment in their home and will do a wonderful job protecting your child.


Our beds are designed to meet or exceed the FDA Seven Zones of Entrapment guidelines. altThese areas are where patients are most often hurt or injured.

Zone 1. Within the rail

Zone 2. Under the rail, between the rail supports, or next to a single rail support

Zone 3. Between the rail and the mattress

Zone 4. Under the rail, at the ends of the rail

Zone 5. Between split bed rails

Zone 6. Between the end of the rail and the side edge of the headboard or footboard

Zone 7. Between the headboard or footboard and the mattress end.