Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get different colored panels other than what's offered?

If you prefer another color than what is currently offered, contact Courtney Bed, Inc. with your request and a best effort will be made to acquire it.

Do twin size sheets fit the mattress?

The mattress used is found in a standard hospital bed (80" by 36") and deep-pocket twin size sheets will fit best.

If I have a special requirement needed in the bed design... can it be modified?

We custom make our Special Needs beds individually by hand, so if a modification is required, call and address this issue with us.

How do I clean a panel if it becomes soiled?

A panel can be cleaned in place using warm soapy water and a cloth and then wiped down with a clean cloth and clean water. Some parents have also used a hand-held steam cleaner to do the job. Panels can also be removed and placed in a washing machine on normal cycle.

My child is a jumper... will the bed stand up to such activity?

Our daughter's bed withstood nightly jumping by her for years without any issues and can easily support a resting child or young adult up to 250 lbs.

I don't own any tools, what will I need to put the bed together?

The assembly of the Courtney Bed requires just two Allen wrenches that are included with the bed.

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