Product Information

The Courtney Bed is a four-poster designed to protect children at night and is built for a lifetime of use. This specialty bed provides a safe sleeping environment and stands over 6 feet high and 7 feet long and is built with select kiln-dried solid 5/4 hardwood. The bed's heavy weight and low center of gravity have proven our pediatric safety bed to be extremely sturdy and stable and our daughter has used hers since 1995 without any incident.

Unlike some home hospital beds offered today, the top of the Courtney Bed is completely open, allowing children with Special Needs an opportunity to bounce up and down unrestricted. We have found this activity extremely beneficial to our daughter by comforting the sensory issues she encounters.

The inner compartment has padded corners and is designed for maximum safety. The marine awning sidewalls come in an assortment of colors (click here for .pdf) and the bed's design features make it difficult for a child with PICA to mouth or bite any of the materials used.

The Courtney Bed, a home hospital bed alternative and a safe sleeping environment, comes supplied with a very comfortable 8" thick Mason twin-sized hospital mattress that fits snug into the bed frame. This washable, pressure-reducing foam mattress and bottom frame rail combination discourages burrowing and will not allow the child to get wedged between the two.

The frame assembly can be easily taken apart for storage or to remove and replace the individual bed components. Because the sidewalls are independent of each other, one or all can be removed if it's decided they aren't required anymore. Two Allen wrenches are supplied to perform this task and no other tools are required.


The Courtney Bed is a hand-crafted bed and some of the materials have to be special ordered. Each piece of the bed frame is sanded by hand and finished with a selection of colored stains and polyurethane that is hand-rubbed into the wood and gives the Courtney Bed a distinctive aged-oak look. Depending on orders in progress, the bed's construction could take 4-6 weeks to complete.

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